Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Women of Urban War

I stand Strong and Proud.
I fight wars of words,
dignity and power.
My love is a revolver, Sex is a killer

The 1st time in college I got an opportunity to make a full fledged ensemble I along with the magic makers (Rujuta, Alisha)came up with this theme. Women now are no less than soldiers who fight for their respect and place everyday. This theme worked wonderfully with the forecast then which was autumn winter 2009. We came up with wonderful silhouettes which were big on top and slender at the bottom. I love the color combination and the fact that we got away with the best fabric in the best price without traveling and dragging our poor souls to the other side of the city.

Shirt with mandarin collar, contrast collar on the inside with princess gathered panels and leg-o-mutton sleeves along with front conceal placket and contrast french cuff variation. Peg skirt with center back opening and slit

No one better than the strong and fierce Rujuta Vaidya as the model and image and editing by yours truly.

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