Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Taking the Ghar outta Kharghar

Five years ago, whenever we passed Kharghar and saw the Beaming NIFT sign outside the college from the highway I promised papa, "SOMEDAY". And so I did. It's been a journey since 2008. It's been more of a resurrection and building the fort of success and satisfaction on the way. I personally had a whole lot of goals to reach and in these four years I more or less have. I have reached 6000 pictures on Facebook. 

I have loved and been loved.
I have learnt and made people regret
I have learnt not to hate
But to shine through it all.
I have nestled my ego
In a blanket of openness.
Openness to learn and accept
Openness to care and get hurt
But I have shone with my Armour
Armour of will
To make my angels proud
Proud of what I have made of myself.

I have shifted 4 houses in four years and I have memories of unpacking and Packing and shifting. Each house has innumerable memories. Of course, both good and bad. And now that I finally pack my bags to leave for a different phase I wonder, will I really miss it?

From birthdays to shoots, to get togethers to girls' night outs to surprises to cook ins to new years.. We have celebrated everything together.



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  2. u r adorableeeee nj !!! makes me soooooo nostalgic...zillions of memoriessss here !!! finally makes me feel ...NIFT has ended !!! </3

  3. Shrena i have tonnes of pictures which will forever fill 3 of my harddisks!!