Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A different kind of SPOTLIGHT

So the 20th of May 2012 saw the end of NIFT Mumbai as a student for me. A much appreciated show. When your friends, faculty members, juniors and co coordinators come up to your parents and talk to them, I’m sure I did something right. Not only did I walk for my friends (Alisha, Shamita, Rujuta, and Mayuri) but I finally walked the ramp as a designer for my own collection – AAMI SIMPRE NOBIN. Although it will forever be remembered as FUGA PARA MUGA all thanks to that little dove Alisha, I was immensely overjoyed by the response and the compliments. The final walk was a walk that I will remember. I couldn’t believe that this was it. This was the end of the 4 years of fashion design in NIFT, Mumbai. This would be probably the last time I would be around all the 33 madcaps of my class.



A big big big thank you to my supportive papa and my beautiful ma, to my annoying adorable sisters Nirikshya and Nimisha, even though they didn’t know what I was doing or where those clothes came from, their gleaming faces make me the happiest in the world. To the wonderful pixies and angels I call my friends; some of whom are here and some who will always be in my heart even though they are geographically elsewhere. To the models who were so accommodating and who walked in those towering shoes.

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